Best Practices for Electrical Safety Compliance in the Workplace

Organizations need to establish and enforce electrical safety procedures to prevent fires, injuries, and even death. Electrical accidents can have severe consequences so to ensure a safe working environment for employees, a business owner has a responsibility to comply with electrical safety regulations. To enforce best practices, here are some steps to take to improve

NEC + OSHA Electrical Panel Clearance Requirements

Electrical panels are an essential component in any facility. They bring all the electrical lines into one centralized location so that the main power source can feed them. This is necessary because it is not practical to run dozens, or even hundreds, of different electrical lines directly into the main circuit. It also helps by

Wire and Cable Management

An important, but often overlooked, way to ensure effective electrical safety practices is to have a cable management system. It’s important to keep wires and cables untangled and orderly so that workers can understand the system they’re dealing with and avoid accidents. Not only will cable management improve the safety of your workplace, it can